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To address the urgent needs for materials that arose during the 2020/2021 school year, the Hayward Science team put together a program to provide 5,000 science kits to students and Professional Development on how to best utilize those materials to 200 teachers throughout Hayward. You can learn more about that program by visiting our Science Kit website.

One of the many lessons we gleaned from the Science Kit program is that teachers are in critical need of supplies in order to effectively teach science. That’s why we are are continuing the program by providing classroom material sets and professional development to teachers to use during in-person learning. Global supply shortages delayed the launch of the program, but we are relaunching May 2022. If you are an HUSD teacher interested in participating, you can sign up here.

Material Lending Library

Materials that due to cost or logistical issues could not be distributed to all teachers are available for any HUSD teachers to borrow. Click here to borrow materials.

Materials available for borrowing include the following:

All Materials from the Classroom Science Kits
alka seltzer
Baking powder
baking soda
Bar Magnets
batteries (3volts)
battery organizer
big funnel
Copper Tape
digital scales (500 g)
Digital thermometers
dish soap
Foam insulator tube – in store pickup
food coloring empties
Gallon Glue
Hydrogen peroxide
Iron Fillings
Large measuring cup
LED lights
Measuring cup set
Measuring spoon set
Microscope Slides
Notebook Plastic
Projection Microscopes
Red Food Coloring gallon
Requested Materials by teachers
Sandwich Bags
Small funnels
Solar Kits
Toy car

Classroom Science Kit Materials

Below are the materials that teachers will receive in their class kits. The materials differ slightly depending on whether it is for a lower or upper elementary classroom.

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